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Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Who could disagree? Nothing is more important than a child’s education. Furthermore, a great school can be the deciding factor in moving into a new neighborhood. That’s why when I’m showing my clients around the neighborhood, one of the first things parents always ask me is “how are the schools?” From now on, I’ll know exactly where to direct them: to my website.

Using the map featured here, you can browse through all of the local schools in the area, complete with a link to their profile. There, you can find information such as: the number of students, the proximity of the school to your new home, photos of the school campus, and community reviews to let you know what your future neighbors think about every school in your area. Any and every tool you need to make an informed decision about your child’s education will be concisely and conveniently provided.

I want you to be as educated, informed and enthusiastic about your neighborhood schools as possible, and my website, as well as, will provide you with all the resources you need to find the perfect school for your children. So please, search away! Find a school for your child to be happy, safe, and learning every day. As for finding your dream home? Leave that to me.

Probate: Challenges and Possibilities


Settling a loved one's Estate is both an Honor and a challenge! The details invoved are enormous!  This  Task

usually requires the use of  ProfessionalTalent from Several disciplines. Included would be Real Estate.

 Assistance in Maximizing the Benefit  from any Real Estate Involved is where I can be helpful!

First through practical Avice and Counsel. Later through Effective Sales/Leasing Results as Directed!

My involvement brings support to the efforts of

th Executor/Administrator as well as the Professionals

 the Estate may Employ.

The settling of an Estate not only Enhances the Legacy

 of the Decedent but ideally promotes New Opportunity

for the Beneficiaries!  The Responsibility   entrusted  to

the Probate Realtor is one I take seriouly and  handel

with Pride in Accomplihment.

 I bring Experience,Ability and Up-to-date Tools of My

 Trade to facillitate the Results and Timeliness required for a client Estate!